Our work to save bats

WCS Canada has been leading extensive efforts to help Western Canada bats survive the potential arrival of a deadly fungal disease that has killed millions of bats in eastern North America...

The Western Canada Bat Conservation program, led by Associate Conservation Scientist Cori Lausen of WCS Canada, is uniquely positioned to lead, implement, and coordinate research and conservation initiatives related to Western Canada’s bats.   Dr. Lausen’s collaborative network in the research, management, and academic “bat world” enables her to bring the right people to the table with the right expertise to get the job done.  Collaboration is the essential ingredient when the situation is urgent. 

Using cutting edge technology and techniques, the WCS Canada bat program can remain nimble to focus on the highest priority initiatives related to bat conservation in Western Canada.  White-nose Syndrome is the most critical priority at the moment, and really all resources and energy are being focused on solutions related to mitigating the inevitable onset of the fungal bat disease in Western Canada.

The WCS Western Canada Bat Conservation Program works in collaboration with other research institutes, non-profit groups and bat enthusiasts to identify gaps in the research and applications of that research.  With that information we innovate and work to fill those gaps and enable on-the-ground action for change.


Dr. Cori Lausen

A Student's Perspective

“We’re in a bit of time crunch. White-Nose Syndrome is already on the West Coast — it’s only a matter of time before it gets to BC. 

It’s this impending feeling of doom that has us working hard to see if we can find the science to prevent it. There’s still a chance that we could potentially save the lives of western bats.” 

Research Technician Aaron Wong, Thompson Rivers University

Photo Credits: Photo mosiac: WNS Survivorship- Heather Gates; Prophylaxis/WNS Probiotic- Jared Hobbs; Batbox project- Jordi Segers; Tree Enhancement and Roost Mitigation-Tory Rhodes,  Inventory/Monitoring- Cory Olson;  Outreach- Alberta Community Bat Program

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