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Bats are superheros of the night. Their superpowers could help us protect them.

In eastern North America, WNS has reduced bat populations by an estimated 90% or more. By studying bats in British Columbia and Alberta, where the fungus has not yet arrived, we hope to help bats survive when the fungus inevitably shows up there. Understanding how bats echolocate, and then recording them appropriately, is fundamental to that effort.

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November 6, 2020     

The Golden Star

Artificial old growth trees provide roosts for bats in Golden area

November 28, 2019       

Western Producer

Solution proposed to fight bat disease threat.

September 27, 2019       

The Revelator

What's the best way to welcome bats to the Neighborhood? The goldilocks approach.

August 18, 2019       

CBC Online News

Fighting a bat killer: B.C. scientists testing new way to protect against deadly fungus

August  2019 

Habitat Conservation Trust Fund Feature

Seeking ways to protect western bats from deadly white-nose syndrome

October 31, 2018 

Thompson Rivers University Newsroom

Groundbreaking Science Aims to Save Bats

April 18, 2018 

New Scientist, by Sharon Oosthoek

The Yogurt Cure- Can Good Bacteria Save Bats




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