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Citizen Science:

There are numerous opportunities for citizen science through your local community bat program in Alberta and British Columbia.

In British Columbia, Bat Watch is a citizen science program to annually monitor bat populations in roost sites.  Abandoned houses, barns, church steeples, and even currently occupied structures- can provide a summer home to female bats and their young.  Monitoring these “maternity colonies” can give biologists a good idea of how bat populations in an area are doing year to year.  With the imminent arrival of White-nose Syndrome in Western Canada, these colonies are more important than ever.  Contact the BC Community Bat Program for more information.

In Alberta, contact the Alberta Community Bat Program for information on reporting a roost or reporting a bat observation.

Create and Enhance Bat Habitat

Bats need three things: food, clean water and a safe roosting spot. By offering any of these things, you are creating bat habitat.  Visit to learn how you can enhance these features on your property or in your community together with your neighbors.

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Get involved in Bat Week

The last week in October every year is an annual and internal celebration of the role of bats in nature.  Visit to learn about how you can be involved!


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