WCS Canada Probiotic/Microbiome Project- Lillooet, BC

Our team continues to work to understand how naturally occurring micro-organisms on bat wings can be used to help reduce the effects of the invasive, introduced fungal species that causes white-nose syndrome in bats.

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Can fake trees save real bats?

Biologists get creative as B.C.'s old growth forests vanish. The endangered northern myotis bat needs all the help it can get, as its  habitat shrinks and a deadly fungal disease looms.  In the province's heavily logged inland temperate rainforest, artificial old-growth trees could provide shelter- for now. Photo Louis Bockner/The Narwhal

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Your donation to the WCS Canada Bat Program will help us develop ways to protect Canada's bats, funding on-the-ground research and cutting edge conservation science.

Bats are the world’s only flying mammal; they are more closely related to humans than mice, and they live life on the edge...


WCS Canada Western Bat Program



Photo Credits: header photo- Michael Proctor;  feature photos- Heather Gates, Cory Olson;  mosiac photos- BC Bat Action Team, Dana Blouin, BatCaver Program


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