WCS Canada Probiotic/Microbiome Project- Lillooet, BC

Our team continues to work to understand how naturally occurring micro-organisms on bat wings can be used to help reduce the effects of the invasive, introduced fungal species that causes white-nose syndrome in bats.

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Wind turbines lead to decline in bat population- CTV News

LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. -  Canada’s three migratory bats are now officially recognized as endangered species.

The eastern red, silver-haired and hoary bats have seen a significant drop in numbers.

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Your donation to the WCS Canada Bat Program will help us develop ways to protect Canada's bats, funding on-the-ground research and cutting edge conservation science.

Bats are the world’s only flying mammal; they are more closely related to humans than mice, and they live life on the edge...


WCS Canada Western Bat Program



Photo Credits: header photo- Michael Proctor;  feature photos- Heather Gates, Cory Olson;  mosiac photos- BC Bat Action Team, Dana Blouin, BatCaver Program


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